How it works

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Our sessions are 2 hours long and run at 10am, 12.30pm and 3pm.

When you arrive you will have time to choose your piece of pottery and we will explain how everything works.

Once you have finished painting you will leave your pottery with us to glaze and fire in the kiln.

We will send you a text message as soon as it is ready to collect. This is usually between 1 and 2 weeks.

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The pottery is priced individually and includes the item, studio time, glazing and firing. We don't have a set price list as we get new pieces of pottery regularly.


Booking is advisable for Saturdays and school holidays. We try to keep a few tables free for walk ins where possible. There is a £5 deposit to pay per person which will be deducted from whatever you paint on the day. Book your spot here.

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There is one step in to the property and the toilet is on level access. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs during your visit. The nearest disabled toilet can be located at Wetherspoons. If you are unable to come to us, contact us to see if we can arrange to come to you!

Baby change

As the parent of a toddler I know how useful it is to know whether or not your destination has a baby change. We have one that is well stocked with all the things you may need. Forgotten your wipes? We’ve got you covered. I’ve been there! 


It goes without saying that kilns use a lot of electricity! We’re doing what we can to offset this and proudly use 100% renewable energy. We’re trying to be as ethical as we can with the products we choose to use in the studio and will continue to learn as we grow.

Covid Safe

We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep everyone who visits the studio as safe as possible.
All equipment and tables will be cleaned down between customers.

What to expect

Wrap up warm! The studio can sometimes be a little bit cold so pop on an extra layer just in case. However, If you time your visit right, the kiln will have made it toasty. Once you’ve completed your creations you can warm up those fingers with a brew and a piece of delicious homemade cake. 

What to bring

Creativity! It does help to have an idea in your head of what you would like to paint on your pot but the studio is filled with inspiration if you can’t quite decide. Spend some time thinking about what you might like to paint and how you might paint it. Browse our Instagram page or check out our inspiration pins on Pinterest.


Bisque: white ceramic pieces that have been fired in the kiln once but not glazed.

Earthenware: the type of clay that the bisque is made out of.

Kiln: a really big, hot oven that the bisque goes in once it has been painted and glazed.

Underglaze: special pottery paints that need firing in the kiln to make the colours bright.

Glaze: a clear liquid that the painted bisque gets dipped in. Once dried and fired in the kiln, the glaze makes the pottery shiny and waterproof.