Events to look out for...

Coming soon! We do have lots of fun events planned for the future. Check our social media and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about them!

  • Tot's Pots

    Paint Your Own Pot themed story time! - Coming Soon!

  • Grown Ups Pottery Painting Evenings

    Bring your own bottle and paint your own pot nights.

    These usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

  • Paint Along Evenings

    We pick an item to demonstrate techniques to make the most of the bisque. 

    - Coming soon!

Artist of the month

Sometimes one of the hardest things when visiting is figuring out what you’re actually going to paint. At our artist theme nights you will learn about our artist of the month, create your own designs based on their work and (once they’ve been fired in our kiln) leave with a beautifully decorated piece of pottery.

- Coming soon!

  • Footprint Friday

    New parents! Capture those precious teeny tiny footprints.

    You don't necessarily need to wait for Friday for this. We can help with hand and/or footprints any day of the week.

  • Paint a Pot and Prattle

    Like knit and natter but with pottery. - Coming soon!

  • After School/School Holiday Club

    Themed and seasonal events for school-aged kids. - Coming soon!

Beginner's Pottery Class

Ever wanted to have a go and making your own clay creations? Now's your chance!


Bisque: white ceramic pieces that have been fired in the kiln once but not glazed.

Earthenware: the type of clay that the bisque is made out of.

Kiln: a really big, hot oven that the bisque goes in once it has been painted and glazed.

Underglaze: special pottery paints that need firing in the kiln to make the colours bright.

Glaze: a clear liquid that the painted bisque gets dipped in. Once dried and fired in the kiln, the glaze makes the pottery shiny and waterproof.